2023 Århus Sailing week

D. 2-3/9-2023


Plc.Sejl nr.SejlklubNavn1.S2.S3.S4.S5.S6.S7.S8.STotal Point 
1  DEN 161Nibe SejlklubPer Nissen(3)32311211613
2  DEN 1431Egå SejlklubJoe Schubert22(3)232131815
3  DEN 1600Nibe SejlklubSøren Bernbom Hansen1(4)1424322117
4  DEN 1595Haderslev Sejl-ClubThomas Olufsen Meyer514143(OCS)42822
5  DEN 1573Nibe SejlklubMads Wibling Hansen4(DNF)DNCDNCDNFDNCDNCDNC4640

BFD   Disqualification under rule 30.3
DGM   Disqualification for gross misconduct not excludable under rule 90.3(b)
DNC   Did not start; did not come to the starting area
DNE   Disqualification (other than DGM) not excludable under rule 90.3(b)
DNF   Did not Finish
DNS   Did not Start (other than DGM) not excludable under rule 90.3(b)
DPI   Discretionaly penalty
DSQ   Disqualification
OCS   Did not start; on the course side of the starting line at her starting signal and failed to start, or broke rule 30.1
RDG   Redress given
RET   Retired
SCP   Took a Scoring Penalty under rule 44.3(a)
STP   Standard Penalty
UFD   Disqualification under rule 30.3
ZFP   20% penalty under rule 30.2