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Da alle informationer og referater var ret forvirrende, har Anders Gunnersen skrevet til Technical Committee for at få afklaring og fortolkning.

Christian Hartmann svarer:

proposal from 2005 agm says:
Proposal 2005-09: allow making of individual sails from laminated materials for research purpose.
Sail makers are allowed on request and single approval (ie. per sail) to build sails from laminated materials. The use of those sails is allowed in any OK regatta with the exception of International events. An International Event is defined through ISAF RR 89.2(b) and ISAF Rule Interpretation (Q&A 05 004):

event is an 'international event' when its purpose is competition between participants from more than one MNA. World and continental
championships are international events. An event is not an international event just because boats from other MNAs are eligible to compete. For
example, a national championship is not an international event even when competitors from other MNAs sail in the event. In case it is not clear
if an event is an international event or not, competitors may protest on the base of ISAF rule interpretation.

and the miniutes says:
2005-09: Voting to allow making of individual sails from laminated materials for research purpose was agreed by 6 votes to zero.

what does that mean to your questions:
yes, you are allowed to made a sail from lamminated cloth (every) yes, you are allowed to sail this sail in any regatta you like, with the exception of international regattas.
A national championship is (in my interpretation of isafs rule and said explicitly above in the ISAF interpretation) *not* an international event. kiel or warnemünde week are such international events. but the very last decission on that is at the local jury in place!

It might be reasonable and presented to the next AGM or SGM to change our voting to all events included in the OK world ranking list. We didn't had this list last year. That would exclude the national championsships and me personaly would prefer that.

what else?
as the proposal says your *obligation* is: you or your sailmaker shall ask the TC (ie. me) for approval to made a sail. and it not ends here.
you shall also provide information to the TC, such as the (eventually estimated) price of the sail, materials used, digital pictures from the sail and last but not least, you shall share your experience with that sail - how does it go, how long will it last, what is the reaction of the other sailors etc.

the overall intention of all this is to collect as much information as possible, that allows us a potential (and likely) voting on general intruduction of laminated sails into the class in the far, but not so far future (i expect something between 2 or 4 years).

feel free to ask more questions

Christian Hartmann
Chairman of the TC of OKDIA


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