OK Championship guidelines

Dear all

Further to discussion within the OKDIA committee and others, we have
arrived at the enclosed draft for the much discussed 'Guidelines for OK

Please note that this is not the final list. We invite you all to peruse,
read and send your comments, approval, disapproval back to me by the end
of May. At that point OKDIA Committee will draft the final version to be
sent to regatta organisers and placed on the OKDIA website.

Please help us to get this right so we are assured of quality regattas
in the future.

Kind regards
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[History: v1 written R
Deaves 22/2/06]

[Draft 2 includes corrections
(in red) by Greg Wilcox, Dan Ager,
Andre Blasse, Nick Craig, Thomas Hansson-Mild, Peter Scheuerl, Joe
Porebski, Alistair Deaves. Corrected 13/4/06] [Measurement guidelines
removed to separate document to be worked on by TC.]


OK Dinghy International Association 
Guidelines for World and European

 The following Guidelines
and Suggestions have been established to ensure that organisers
of World or European Championship know what is expected from them by
OKDIA, so that competitors can be assured of a fair regatta on the
water and that the necessary shore facilities and infrastructure are
in place for a successful event.

 All organisers should inform,
consult and liaise with OKDIA at all times in matter pertaining to
venue, organisation and racing before announcing details.

 A: The following Guidelines should be considered a
minimum requirement and any deviation from them should be in
consultation with OKDIA.


Championships shall be sailed on open water within a one hour
sail from the launching area. They should not be held in water that
experiences a strong tidal current that vary across the course area or
a predominantly light or unsteady

When choosing a venue, organisers shall make every effort to
locate it near to a major container port and ideally an international

If the venue is at some distance from a container port, then
the organisers shall offer some form of logistical support in
transporting boats/containers from the port to the venue. Organisers
shall make every effort to ensure that transport expenses of
boats/containers is kept to a minimum and shall recommend shipping
lines, shipping agents and hauliers which offer the most economical or
subsided rates.

The venue shall be within walking distance of a town containing
a selection of restaurants and bars, and activities/things to see for

The host club should have space for storage of shipping
containers and a large measurement tent or shed and ideally space for
camper vans and tents.

The date and venue of championships shall be published at least
12 months prior to the start of the regatta. In conjunction with OKDIA,
organisers shall publish a Notice of Race at least nine months in
advance of the regatta. Sailing Instructions shall be agreed with
OKDIA at least three months prior to the start of the regatta.
Standard wordings for the OK Class shall be obtained from OKDIA. OKDIA
shall approve the Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions and Entry Form
before they are published or sent to the Jury/Race Committee.

The entry fee
shall be agreed with OKDIA [ideally it will not exceed EUR 175] and
shall include the prize-giving dinner. Late
entrants shall not be charged more than 20 percent above the original
entry fee. Organisers shall consider a reduced entry fee for Juniors.


At least two members of the Jury should have proven experience
of Rule 42 enforcement in single-handed dinghies similar to the OK

Organisers of European Championships shall consult with OKDIA
over whether an International Jury is required.

The final decisions on any matters not covered by the RRS and
the Int. Jury shall rest with OKDIA.

If three races are being considering for the following day,
competitors should be notified by 18.00 or as soon as possible after
that time.

The organisers must consult their national authority to check
their requirements (approval of Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions,

The National Authority's approval must be sought for World

National Prescriptions to the Racing Rules will not apply to
OKDIA World Championships.

The OKDIA Annual General Meeting shall be held during the World
Championship. The date and location shall be decided 2 months prior to
the regatta. Facilities required include 2 tables for committee, about
30 chairs, and microphone if the room is large.

The organisers shall provide a safe place for the OKDIA

The latest start time on the final day of racing shall be

The Notice of Race should be accompanied by the following
information: Travel (visas); Detailed information on the most economic
and speedy transport routes (shipping, haulage, agents, airports);
Detailed directions to club; Accommodation options (selection of
different price categories); Availability and cost of charter boats (OKDIA
recommends that organisers do not arrange this direct but just
facilitate contact between hirer and lender).

No race shall be started in predominantly less than
2 m/s of wind or more than 14 metres
per second measured at 3 metres above sea level. In case of difficult
conditions, the race management team should liaise with OKDIA.

OKDIA may at its discretion place an advisor to the race
committee on the main committee vessel.

A briefing by the Race Committee and the Jury shall be held
before the start of the first race.

An event budget including the current OKDIA levy should be
made available to OKDIA at least three months prior to the start of
the regatta.

At least four months prior to the
regatta the OKDIA Chief Measurer shall be informed of measurement
location, space available, equipment available and the number of local
people to assist. He shall then liaise with the designated event
measurer to define the measurement procedure. The OKDIA Chief
Measurer, if present, shall have the final say on decisions.
Organisers are recommended to use the OKDIA standard measurement form
which can be adapted if necessary.

The following facilities should be available:

- Free parking

- Free camping (or special rates) within a short
walk of club including toilets, fresh water and power for caravans.

- Other accommodation should close together and
within walking distance.

- The organisers shall
ideally provide at least one hot shower/toilet/freshwater hose
per 10 boats entered.

- Large changing facilities.

- Broadband internet (preferably more then one
computer) and phone/fax services for competitors and press.

- Organisers should provide electronic race and
overall results on a daily basis.

- Launching ramps shall be wide enough for at least
three boats launching at the same time. Buoys / hauling-off lines
should be provided if the launching area is on a lee shore

- In difficult launching
conditions, organisers should arrange for a shore team to assist, and
numbered cards for each trolley.

- Dedicated online computer for OKDIA press

- Daily weather forecasts placed on notice board.

- Official OKDIA Notice Board.


B: The following Suggestions should be actively
considered by the organisers. 

Free wet socials such as pizza, barbecue and beer for sailors
as they come off the water each day are very popular.

Emergency medical facilities nearby or on site.

Organisers shall publish the location of the nearest chandlery,
sailmaker and boatyard and make every effort to ensure these are
available during the regatta.

In poor visibility a lead boat should be provided.

There must be at least one rubber rescue boat per 20

The organisers shall provide a first prize for each race, at
least one overall prize per six competitors entered and a memento for each competitor.

An event website shall be constructed and published online at
least one year prior to the regatta.

Any pre-event regatta should be held at the same venue if at
all possible.

Sponsorship to help with shipping, transport, ferry and air
fare costs.

A spectator boat should be available for supporters to go out
on each day.

Organisers should ensure adequate safety and security of cars,
boats and trailers.

The organizers should provide a t-shirt/polo shirt for each
competitor with extras on sale.

The organisers should arrange for a photographer to be present
throughout the week with a selection of photographs given to OKDIA
copyright free for publicity purposes.

Suggested social events include an opening ceremony, a mid-week
barbecue or reception and a closing ceremony / prize-giving dinner. 

OKDIA 2006


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